Moderators Announcement Is A Must Read

So, the announcement I made can be read here, and the point of this announcement was to clear up any confusion about why the Moderators team appeared. The Mods were sort of chosen in a fast paced situation when role-playing first started and because of this, they weren’t given a proper introduction, but thanks to this new announcement, they can be known for what they can do.

As admin and webmaster of the forum, I look very highly upon the team of Moderators and I am faithful that I chose the right people to fulfill the jobs that come with being a Mod. Furthermore, I also depend very highly on the Mods to keep the site moving, functioning, and working when I or my other admin Izaya cannot be on the forum every second of everyday. Thanks to the Mods, when this happens and and we [Izaya and I] are unable to log in, I can depend on them that the forum won’t become a total chaos, so thank you Ren, Psyche, and Shizuo Heiwajima! All of your hard work and dedication to the forum is EXTREMELY appreciated!


About Erika Karisawa

Webmaster/Admin of which is an online English speaking role-playing forum for the Japanese anime Durarara!!/デュラララ!!
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