A Summary of All You Need To Know About What’s Happening At Durarara!!/デュラララ!! Role Play

So, with the new blog, I feel as if I should summarize what exactly is currently going on at http://durarara.forumotion.com.

User Count Going Up
The user count has been moving up quicker than usual, which is an extremely great thing. The user count now stands at 49 registered users. Hopefully, by the end of the year, we will reach the 50 users mark. It seems quite likely we will this goal. After all, we just need one more person to sign up.

International Guests Visiting Our Site
Recently, a plethora of guests (or internet users that have stumbled upon our site), have been browsing our site, but what makes this news even better is that we’ve been getting guests from a whole bunch of different countries. I found this news out today, and just today, we had guests from Denmark, Norway, Russia, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom (along with all our US guests as well). All these guests that I’ve seen just today gives new hope of reaching 50 guests by the new year.

Expansions To Different Social Networks
As you may know, we have expanded to different social networking sites to gain more publicity to our site, and to provide the users with the latest updates in their social news feeds and timelines. Our expansions have included our official twitter, facebook page, and tumblr. Now, joining this list is our new wordpress blog (what you’re reading right now!). Doing this makes it easier for our members to catch the updates and news. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to be able to update each of these and tell people “Yeah, like us on Facebook,” and “Find us on Twitter,”

Final Preparations
The time for us to start role-playing on the site is nearing closer and closer with everyday. All we need right now are the canon characters of:
Simon Brezhnev
Saburo Togusa
Kyohei “Dotachin” Kadota
Seiji Yagiri
Mika Harima
Namie Yagiri
Saki Mikajima
Tom Tanaka
to be applied for. Once we have these remaining canons, we will officially be able to role-play on the site. It may seem like a long wait, but we’ve already gotten 22 canons being played by our members. We might start role-playing by the middle/late January the latest. Until then, we can just wait and prepare for the big day to come.

Rules & Requirements
There are a couple of things besides canons that we must have before we can role-play. To ensure order and remove confusion, I am requiring it a rule that in your signature, you must have something that tells others what character you’re using when you are role-playing as that character  by including basic information and what certain color you’ll use when role-playing as that character. More information about this can be found here and I am expecting all the users to do so in their signatures.

Moderators Will Be Chosen Soon
Along with the final preparations, new staff members will be chosen as Moderators to help control the site. Several people (who will continue to remain nameless) are being watched and considered for the job as a Mod. Mods will have the power to moderate or proofread through role-plays to make sure they are literate and following all the rules. Also, as a Mod, these people will be able to be an admin on the facebook page and post any updates, pictures, or posts.

And that’s really all I can say for now :3 but don’t fret! More news and updates will be posted soon!



About Erika Karisawa

Webmaster/Admin of http://durarara.forumotion.com which is an online English speaking role-playing forum for the Japanese anime Durarara!!/デュラララ!!
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